Designing the living room: The comprehensive guide of living room design.
living room design complete guide


Designing the living room of your dreams: the basics of everything you need to know

The living room, otherwise termed – hall room, have a special place in every home. Therefore, it is vital to plan your living room that caters to your needs, differentiated your home, & effective utilization of space.

The living room is multifunctional with a design that demands to add personality to your space. Living space design requires maintaining a balance between your functional needs and ambiance, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with your comfort for style. You can get the best of both by planning your living room in the right way.

Points covered:

  1. Few questions to ask yourself
  2. Colours for your Living room walls
  3. Living room style- Layouts
  4. Furniture for living room
  5. Lighting for living room
  6. TV cabinets and utility
  7. False ceiling designs
  8. Mistakes you must avoid 

  1. Ask yourself a few questions before designing your living room

When designing your living room, it is important to consider asking yourself a few questions like how much time you spend in your living room, what activities are performed, do you often have guests over, regular social gatherings, and a few such questions that help you understand what requirements would be.

Once you understand the main functionality of your living room, the next step would be to design the space that serves the utility of the room efficiently. 

2. Colours for your Living room walls 

Colours are a powerful element that is used may be used as a base against which you can match your furniture, sofa and other decorative accessories.

Two major things to consider while selecting the colour for your living room are:

  • Size of the room
  • The flow of natural light

If you have a minimalistic living room style in mind, we recommend neutral and light colours, whereas if you’re lucky with a spacious living room, bold shades and pop colours are ideal.

Why is natural light important?

We stress this because walls with dark paints and insufficient natural light, your room would appear darker than usual or what you would have imagined during the day times.

Whether you paint your living room in a single colour or give a texture paint, creating a well-balanced atmosphere is essential.

Blue and orange are widely popular colour combinations in India.

3. Living room styles- Layout 

A Layout is a systematic arrangement of the elements & properties of a room. It adds character to your room reflecting your personality and solves functional requirements with style. 

You can aesthetically design your living room keeping in mind to make the most of the space and create a balanced atmosphere that is vibrant and pleasant. The living room is a spot for decorative items, display of your collections, painting, and accessories but don’t go overboard with the decorating.

Let’s look into the different styles for your  living room:

3.1 Traditional Living Room 

3.2 Minimalist Living Room

3.3 Modern Living Room 

3.1 Traditional Living Room

Indian style is well known for colours and unique design patterns that never get out of style. Here, you have a wide scope to reuse your traditional and old furniture by repainting it. 

You may use side tables of different designs, wooden sofa- add ethnic fabric to give it a more traditional look. When opting for Indian style living room it is observed that people prefer a combination of bold colours and delicate designs. 

In today’s era, incorporating a traditional living room is fascinating as it given an aura of traditional look that is trendy in its own way.  

3.2 Minimalist Living Room

How to make the most of your minimalistic living room?

When you have a minimalistic living room, painting your walls in neutral and light colours is a good choice. Complementing it with a suitable size of sofa and a centre table is a good option.

Anything that doesn’t solve a purpose in your space should be withdrawn while designing. 

For eg: having an extra side table

3.3 Modern Living Room 

Sofas play an important role in enhancing the ambiance of a living room. Adding in sofas with fabrics that have a soft texture, elegant design and colours that are neutral give a modern and classic look to your living room

If you are looking to give your living room a modern look with a classic touch, add in sofas with fabrics that have a soft texture, elegant design and colours that are neutral.

Modern designs are generally cluttered as they essentially focus on the seating zone and lighting that adds a personality to space. 

In recent years, we have been observing people using Low-profile furniture for their living room, especially with retro-styled furniture. Mid-century is another widely popular style that is being preferred. 

4. Furniture for Living Room

The common furniture in a living room are:

  • Sofa, chair
  • Centre table
  • TV unit
  • Shelves/Cabinets

4.1 Furniture and focal point

Furniture planning for the living room is observed to be a little challenging as you don’t need too many items but you need the essential pieces of furniture. A common practice observed is that your sofa, center table other furniture must point towards the Television. Your t.v cabinet can have pieces of art, have two cabinets at the other ends where you can display small pieces of art. Plants are a good option to go with.

If you do not want to install a TV in your living room, your furniture can be arranged in such a way that it is pointing to the centre table.

4.2 Living room furniture zoning- arrangement 

The arrangement, referred to as zoning of your furniture is influenced by the size of your Living room. If you have a large space you have the freedom to arrange the furniture at such a distance that adds to its functionality.  It gives you the liberty to add more items at the corner of the hall leaving sufficient space in between the walls and furniture making it look less cluttered.

Arranging furniture in a limited space:

The aim is to place the sofa in the centre and adding only necessary cabinets that are at a distance from the wall. This will give your living room a spacious look and convenient functionality.

4.3 Selecting furniture for your Living room

It is a primary principle to create a balance between your living room and your furniture. Designing your room is like adding a personality to your space, it is advisable to select the furniture that compliments your living room the best. 

It is highly recommendable to first plan the layout of your living room before buying furniture. Consider the space of your room and accordingly buy furniture. A good decision would be to have pieces of furniture of different sizes.

For example: if you have a small side table you can top it with a large artificial flower pot

Friendly tip: make sure you arrange both the small and big pieces in a combination that does not look crowdy

4.4 Natural light for your living room

Having enough natural light coming in is always better. Adding on large windows is always a good way to make the most of it. Furthermore, if you want to give your windows a different look, we may suggest colouring them in contrast with your wall colours, not too eye-catchy but enough to leave an impression.

If you have to place any piece of furniture against any window we recommend using items like sofa, cabinet, a shelf that are not very heightened and do not block the source of natural light.

It is important to have sufficient lighting for your living room for the evenings.

4.5 Cabinets and shelves for your living room

The living room is a reflection of your personality and it gives you an excellent opportunity to exhibit your prized possessions like medals, awards, crockery, books, photos, and much more.

We see shelves gaining popularity as they are designed in unique styles to look trendy and be of optimum use.

5. Lighting for living room

Lighting for the living room is an interesting factor that effuses an aesthetic and classic atmosphere. Lighting on a false ceiling, popularly known as POP (Plaster of Paris), will take your living space to the next level. Lights are installed in the ceiling which brightens up your entire space. False ceiling has given an additional option of installing accent lights with different warm levels.

There are 3 primary types of lighting in interior design:

  1. Ambient lighting: there are also known as general lighting which illuminates the overall place,  serving as primary lighting that substitutes natural light.
  2. Task lighting: task light focuses on providing lighting for particular tasks such as reading, dressing table, studying, cooking, etc
  3. Accent lighting: this type of lightings are used to enhance the ambiance of the room and also known as mood lighting. 

Accent lights are used to highlight and draw attention to objects, awards, architectural features that are worth attention-seeking.

The different ways to enhance the lighting of your room that gives a rich aesthetic ambience are:

  • Chandeliers
  • Foyer lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Track lights
  • Recessed lights
  • Rail lights
  • Cove lights
  • Strip lights
  • LED false ceiling cove lighting
  • Continuous false ceiling lights

More on false ceiling lighting here.

6. TV cabinets

From having a simple table to placing the TV to mounting on the wall, TV cabinets have come a long way in Interior designing. We have many personalized layouts and designs for TV cabinets that will add a completely unique character giving an impact end result to your living room.

The challenge can be to decide which TV cabinet layout is best for you. Where you have the option to insert small shelves at the side of the TV or have drawers at the bottom or we suggest you may have both with our customizable design layouts that suit your convenience.

6.1 TV Panel and drawers

If you are looking to have a simple yet contemporary TV cabinet design for hall, we suggest you mount your TV to a panel attached to the wall and have a cabinet of drawers at the bottom.

6.2 Accent lights for TV Cabinets

Accent lights are also known as mood lighting that give an elegant and stunning look to your TV cabinet. They must be installed in such a way that they highlight the architectural features of your TV cabinet and other decorative items in the image below.

7. Ceiling designs

Ceiling decoration is the new normal and that is why we highly recommend opting for a design that will make you stand out. The beauty of ceiling designs is that they add a unique character to your ceiling like no other piece of furniture.

False ceiling is widely popular and therefore we provide you with customized ceiling designs that will leave an impression on the minds of your friends, family and guests.

You may choose a design that is simple yet significant to grab the attention.

Wooden false ceiling never goes out of style and gives a classic rich appearance to your living room.

Infusing different shapes, lines, and configurations for the false ceiling are catching the eyes of today’s generation. It provides you with a wide scope to experiment with lighting and brighten up your living area.

8. Living room design mistakes to avoid

A common misconception among people is that they think designing a home is very easy. We come across mistakes that seem minor but have a huge impact in the long run on its function as well as on pockets.

Another major mistake is compromising on quality. Low-priced products may not offer good life. As an interior is a long-term & one-time installation, it’s recommended to go with trusted brands.

Here is a list of common mistakes that we see people make:

  • Poorly planned layout
  • Mixing & matching too many styles  
  • Oversized & excess furniture
  • Not choosing the right core material
  • Opting for cheap & Poor quality fittings: eg: hinges, railing, handles, knobs etc.. 
  • Poor colour combinations and much more.

Planning and designing a living room can seem overwhelming.

We have completed a number of interior projects and have gained a good understanding of what suits best for your home. Designing your home taking into consideration the minor details, enhancing your ambiance, aesthetically pleasing & fullfilling your functional needs without compromising on your comfort & requirements.

Planning your living room can get a little challenging. Click here so that we can help make your journey to your home easier.