Interior design trends you need to be aware about in 2021


Hello everyone welcome to 2021. We think we all deserve an award for making it through. Congratulations on that. Without a doubt, 2020 was a particularly unique year, and definitely, people’s attitudes towards their homes changed during the pandemic so here are the trends that we expect to see emerging in 2021. 

All right enough talk let’s get started! 

1. Undulating shapes & forms

Gone are the days of straight rigid lines we are welcoming soft undulating squiggles and organic shapes into our homes through furniture, through artwork, through ceramics, etc. We’re going to be seeing this trend everywhere it’s not new it’s been happening for a while now and it’s definitely not going to slow down. A lot of these designs actually evolved from the art deco Movement but we see a trend that is being reimagined and reinvented with modern twists. If you’re in a place where you can’t

introduce any new furniture to bring these curbs into your home then you can definitely still sync with this trend by hanging artworks with soft shapes or soft sculptural artworks and abstracts.   

2. Notable fabric usage 

We see more and more we’re gravitating towards soft and rounded shapes but also furniture that is comforting and soft to the touch so fabrics like velvet, boucle, and faux fur are all materials

we expect to continue to see a lot of in 2021. This is a very easy trend to incorporate into your home. Of course, you don’t need to go out and buy new furniture. You can instead just put soft throws onto your existing furniture and throw pillows and that will instantly give that kind of soft texture to whatever space you’re adding these elements to.

3. Color 

The dominating colors of 2021 would be warm earthy tones that come from nature, hues that imitate the sensation of being immersed in nature, promote internal peace and this is so important right now for our mental and physical well-being. 2021 will focus on bringing the tranquility of nature indoors. We will see beiges, gracias, brown, burnt umber, terracotta, etc – a color tone not widely preferred in India as we are inclined more towards colors. 

If you’re a color lover and you just can’t get on board with the whole neutral earth color tones, here’s what we predict 2021’s colors to be:

Ultimate grey and illuminating

shades were chosen for their warmth and dependability

– Aegean teal

  A color that claims to creates a natural harmony

– Urbane bronze

Urbane bronze is a hue whose warmth and comfort breathe down to earth tranquility 

Apart from this, we also suggest a palette with these 21 different colors to elevate your living/workspace.

Paint is generally such a great way to quickly transform a space and try new things but it can also become a pretty heavy job if you’re doing it in a large &space. So a great way to test out any one of these new colors could be by trying it in a small powder room, especially one primarily for the use of guests or like a laundry room.

4. Natural materials 

Humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and last year we were really deprived of that in a lot of ways. We see that more than ever now people are trying to bring nature into their homes. This has been happening for a while now with the huge obsession for plants and greenery and this is set to continue as a trend. In the past few years natural materials such as bamboo, raw woods, glass, stone, clay, have been skyrocketing in popularity. 

We recommend incorporating natural materials into your home by bringing in items like – baskets woven pendants, incorporating wood where you can, and using textiles made out of fabrics such as linen, organic or recycled cotton, and of course by bringing in plants.

Some honorable mentions for interior design trends 2021:

Diamond-patterned flooring

Herringbone flooring

Bold wallpapers 

Deep green walls 

Boucle furniture

Fluted and textured surfaces and 

Taupe cabinetry and trims