8 ways to make your home look more expensive with a minimal budget.


With the prices of real estate prices & rents skyrocketing year over year, it doesn’t actually satisfy us if our home interior fails to gives us a feeling of luxury. And home interior design is not just about the modular kitchen or wardrobes or a tv cabinet though they contribute majorly to the interiors. Most companies in India promote and advertise modular kitchens, wardrobes, TV cabinets as “Home Interiors” while home interiors are much more than that. 

In this article, we are going to look at ways to make your home look expensive no matter what your interior design style is. thong we are mentioning today are universal and will increase the overall quality and feel of your home.

All right so let’s jump right in 

1. Luxury furniture 

High-end spaces will use neutral furniture as their base pieces and then they’ll incorporate pattern and color and texture via the accessories so that’s something that you can do. It potentially saves you money in the long run because if you decide to buy a trendy couch that you like now Eg: a red one, you might not love that in a couple of years down the road when you decide to go with a completely different color scheme or you know you change your mind so definitely neutral based pieces are a must. 

2. Your windows  

Perfecting your window treatments is a very important part of having a high-end luxurious feeling space if you have curtains. we recommend going with only full-length curtains. Short curtains are a “BIG NO-NO” and make sure you hang the rod high and wide. 

If you can’t go along with your curtains don’t go short just opt for maybe a roman shade or a beautiful woven blind instead. 

Disclaimer- When it comes to home textile – It can be a tedious part as there are lot of options & choices to choose from.

3. Trims & moldings 

There’s absolutely no denying that adding moldings and trim to your space is instantly going to make it feel more custom and luxurious the one thing that most companies fail to inform you to decide at what kind of trim and molding you’re putting up. 

If you have a very traditional perhaps an older home, you don’t want to be putting in modern molding and the opposite is true as well. 

Molding is a personal choice like everything in interior design, it’s always a matter of personal preference when it comes to interior designing but, there are some guidelines as to what should and shouldn’t be done and with the moldings in bedroom interior decorating tips. 

4. Wall treatment  

Wall treatments are a way to make your space feel more expensive and luxurious. And it’s not only with wallpaper. Wallpapers can be a way to make your space feel more expensive but also things like concrete walls, wood rafter walls elevate the look and feel of the space regardless if its in the bedroom or living room. 

5. Mirrors 

using mirrors is a fantastic way to increase the illusion of space in your home. Mirrors increase the brightness and the light in your home.

If you’re intimidated by hanging artwork or picking artwork you can use a mirror instead. In general, we would always suggest you to go as large as you can with mirrors. Ideally, you’d be hanging your mirror across from a window or near to a window so that it’s reflecting and bouncing back as much light as possible back into your space. 

6. Large art pieces 

Large art pieces command attention. They become a focal point and they look more like what would be hanging in an actual gallery if decide to give that gallery vibe to your home. Art pieces automatically makes your home look and feel more expensive. For a luxury look, we recommend opting for big art pieces rather than small ones. 

7. Rugs 

One simple thing you can do to boost the look of your living room would be the addition of a vintage rug. A vintage rug will upgrade your space wherever you put it. Vintage rugs will elevate your space in a way that not a lot of other items seem to achieve doing. A vintage-style rug is just like artwork and mirrors as we mentioned before. However, scale is important. Rugs generally you want to go bigger and not to go small. Make sure you’re getting the size of your rug right. Getting the size of the rug wrong will throw off the look and feel of a room so 

8. Hardwares & fittings 

One cool thing that can be done is to update your hardware in the rooms that will probably benefit the most from this. The update would be kitchen and bathrooms because swapping out your cabinet handles and pulls and your faucets are going to make a huge difference. Upgrading your hardware in your home can also mean swapping out things like doorknobs, light, switch plates, plug, covers cabinet, poles, curtain rods, and furniture knobs. you might feel swapping them out would fall expensive, but the cost might be relatively low when planned out properly. 

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