7 Easy home decor ideas – 2021
7 Easy home decor ideas - 2021


Planning to give your home a makeover? But stuck in the lockdown and don’t know what to do? Here is a list of easy home decor ideas that you can Do It Yourself (DIY) with things available around you.

We have added eco-friendly home decor ideas that will help you go green to lighten up your home.

Topics covered

  1. Cardboard mirror hanging
  2. Ceiling decor with balloons
  3. Plastic bottle plant pot home decor  
  4. Glass jars as Flower vase
  5. Pictures wall hanging decor
  6. Signpost home decor
  7. DIY wall art with aluminum foil paper
  8. Concrete letters home decor
  9. The light bulb hanging vase

1. Cardboard mirror hanging for Bedroom decor


Easy home decor idea with a notebook, box and a mirror.

We all have books at our home, you may use your old notebooks or a box. Anything that has a hard surface is highly preferable. 

What do you need?

A cardboard sheet, paint and brush, scissors, glue, a small mirror or a photo, and a thread to hang the DIY home decor.

How to make it?

Draw a circle on the cardboard bigger than the mirror or the photo. Stick a paper to the circle as it will be easy to paint. Paint it with your favourite colour or give it some shades and design.

Once the paint has dried, apply some glue where you want to stick the mirror or a photo. 

Make a tiny hole at the top of the cardboard to hang your DIY mirror or stick it to the wall with a double-tap. Your beautiful home decor is ready.

Optional home decor idea: You may use a piece of ply and hooks to turn your plywood into a key hanger.

   2. Ceiling decor with balloons 


Sometimes purchasing ceiling decors can seem unreasonably expensive. We have a very budget-friendly ceiling decor idea for you.

What you will need?

Balloons, glue, yarn of different colours, scissors and an embroidery hoop (ring). 

How to make it?

Blow balloons of different sizes. Wrap the yarn around the balloon, take care that you spread the yarn evenly. Once done, cut the yarn and glue it.

Take some glue in a bowl, add some water to it in the ratio of 1:1. With the help of a brush apply glue to the balloon. Let it dry completely. 

Wrap the embroidery hoop with thread as shown in the image.

After the glue dries, prick the balloons and remove them out carefully. Your yarn balls are ready.

Once your yarn balls and the hoop are prepared, use light colour thread to suspend the balls from the ring. Cut the thread into different lengths, tie one end to the ball and the other to the ring, and your budget-friendly home decor ceiling is ready.

Tip: You can add fairy lights to make your evenings more pleasant.

3. Plastic bottle plant pot home decor

A very simple and useful home decor idea to recycle bottles and grow some plants.

What you will need?

A 5-litre plastic bottle, paint spray, soil and an Indoor plant.

How to do?

Wash the bottle thoroughly from the inside, cut the bottle from the bottom as shown in the image below.


Next, punch a few tiny holes at the bottom for the excess water to drain out. Spray some color paint on it to give a nice finishing or you can use your paintbrush.

After the paint is dried, fill it with soil. Your recycled home decor is ready to grow some plants.

4. Wall flower vase


Turn your empty glass jars into a hanging vase home decor with jute rope and a branch.

What you will need?

Empty glass jars, jute rope and artificial flowers.

How to do?

Clean the glass jars, tie jute rope to the branch ends to make it a hanger. 

Wrap the rope around the mouth of the glass jar and tie the ends to the branch as seen in the image above.

Tie the ends of the rope of the jar to the branch firmly. Place some beautiful flowers in the jar and some water (optional).

Tip: You may make an individual hanging vase with the help of a wall stick.

5. Pictures wall hanging decor


Here is a simple yet beautiful home decor idea to enhance your wall.

What you will need?

A stick, wire, glue, thread, your favourite photos, an artificial plant decor, 2 wall hooks,

How to do?

You may paint the stick or keep it simple. Wrap some wire around the stick, to hang it like a hanger. 

Next, cut threads of different length. Stick the photos to the thread with the help of glue.

Take one end of the threads and tie it to the stick, make sure that you leave enough between the threads to avoid overcrowding. 

Hang the stick to the wall with the help of wall hooks. You may add artificial plant decor to enhance the look and conceal the hooks.

6. Signpost home decor


A unique and artistic way to prepare your home decor with scrap wood pieces and a rope or a wire that is easily available to you.

What you will need?

A wooden piece, rope or wire, cello tape, scissors, marker, paint and brush

How to do?

Referring to the above image, cut the cardboard into signboards of length 40 to 50cm and width of 8 to 10cm. Paint these signboards with different shades and colours. 

Take a rope that is 120cm long, fold it in the centre and the rope for your home decor is ready. 

You may wrap some thread in the centre or at the end of the rope to give it a more highlighting look as seen in the image. 

Once the signboards have dried and your rope is ready, with the help of a sellotape, stick the signboards to the rope. Your unique signboard home decor is ready.

Tip: You may use some ribbons, buttons to make it more artistic and charming.

7. DIY Wall art with aluminium 


Another easy yet beautiful home decor for your living room is wall art with aluminum foil paper and some glue stick.

What you will need?

An aluminium foil paper, black card sheet, glue stick and scissors.

How to do? 

Cut a long sheet of aluminum foil paper of about 2 feet in length. Fold about 8 to 9 cm from one end till the other end. 

Draw the patel design on the foil paper and cut them with scissors.

Cut a small round foil paper to prepare the center of the flower. 

First stick the round paper on the black card sheet. Next, start sticking the petals around the circle to form a flower. 

Make sure to stick the next round of petals in between the space of two inside petals. Refer to the below image for a better understanding.

Once you have finished sticking the petals, your easy DIY Home decor wall art is ready.

Tip: After sticking the aluminium foil petals, roll them gently with a pen to unwrinkle the petals.

Bonus Home decor ideas

8. Concrete letters home decor


With some white cement, silicone letter molds, and some paint you can prepare some unique DIY word decor.

9. Hanging light bulb vase


Turn your old light bulb into a beautiful hanging vase with some screwdrivers and snips to detach the electrical contact and cap of the light bulb.

Empty the light bulb and wrap some jute rope around and an aesthetic light bulb hanging vase is ready to hold some flowers.

All the above-given ideas can be made with properties that are easily available to you. 

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